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Let me first introduce ourselves we are Jodie & Nathan Nisbett-Bickel hence JO-NATH's Animal Kingdom. We have a huge passion an immense respect for animals. We are registered dog breeders and we breed and hand raise birds and parrots. We are proud members of HVAS (Hunter Valley Avicultural Society). Further to this we also sell animal supplies specialising in bird products from labels such as Murphy’s, Vetafarm, Passwell, Wombaroo, Hari Tropican, ZuPreem, Avigrain, JM Produce, Forage, Bird Stands and much more. This came about as we wanted to be able to provide people with the products that we have tried and tested and genuinely recommend. We always endeavour to seek and promote good quality Australian products as much as possible. Being blessed with 7 wonderful children it does not go without its challenges but it does allow your pets to engage and socialise with children and develop within a family environment. The kids love to assist the animals to thrive and allows us to ensure we are providing the very best pets to families who are looking to adopt a feathered or fur baby into their lives. We do this from our home so right from the get go your pet is growing and developing within a family environment not a concrete jungle or facility. Regardless of how old your pets gets if you need advise or have a question we are always here and more than happy to help and that goes for the lifespan of the animal. We have been there from your pets first breath and quite happy to assist and support right up until their last.


Mansfield St Greta NSW 2334

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